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Plot-4 Board Game for Family (Multicolored)

Plot-4 Board Game for Family (Multicolored)

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  • A GAME FOR 2 PLAYERS PLOT 4 is absorbing and challenging game of strategies that's easy to learn and fun to play. Rules are simple. Each player tries to build a row of four playing counters in the frame, either it's horizontally, vertically or diagonally while trying to prevent his opponent from doing the same sounds easy, but it's not!

Challenge a friend to disc-dropping fun with the classic game of Plot 4! Drop your red or yellow discs in the grid and be the first to get 4 in a row to win.If your opponent is getting too close to 4 in a row, block them with your own disc! Whoever wins can pull out the slider bar to release all the discs and start the fun all over again! How to play: 1. Game begins, both sides alternately placed chess in turns. 2. Drop the coins in the slots on top. When someone gets 4 discs in a row first, then s/he wins.3.Game over,you just need to pull out the board then tilt,the coin pieces will take the initiative to fall in the bottom of the storage box.

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