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Personalized Rotating Heart Frame with Light

Personalized Rotating Heart Frame with Light

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Product Description


1. Magnetic floating and rotating
2. A good gift for you friends

It is the use of a magnet for "same-sex repulsion, attraction heterosexual" in nature,
So that magnets have the ability to resist gravity, that is, "magnetic suspension".

Main Features:
1) Heart Shape photo frame display with mould
2) Base: Red plastic
3)Light: 8PCS LED light
4)Photo frame size: Heart shape: 10.6X10cm
5)Product size: 21X4.5X19cm
6)Power: DC output 12V, 250mA
7)Packing: 1PC/color box
8)Color box size: 28X21.5X5.6CM

Additional instructions:

1. A new revolution in electromagnetic field!
2. A masterpiece! Most creative design!
3. Welcome to customize.
4. Green environmental protection, without any radiation to human body.
5. Application: Holiday gifts, home decorations, learning tools, world map, funny toys, arts collections and so on.
6. You can also float other objects, such as cans, cigarette case, cards...But not including magnetic objects or items absorbed by magnet.
7. One year free warranty.
8. Keep it away from magnetic cards, cellphones, computers, CDS and other magnetic items!
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