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Personalized Acrylic Wooden Photo Frame

Personalized Acrylic Wooden Photo Frame

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  1. Type: Wall Frame
  2. Material: Acrylic ,Wooden
  3. Theme: Modern
  4. Photo Size: 19cm X 28cm (w x h)
  5. Mode: Portrait
  6. Frame Size: 23cm X 32cm (w x h)
  7. Country of Origin: India

A heartfelt gesture for your distant but dearly beloved. This premium acrylic photo frame boasts wooden borders and a phrase printed on transparent acrylic. Adorned with an endearing illustration of a heart spanning continents and the words "Distance Means So Little When Someone Means So Much," this frame exudes warmth and sentiment. Its transparent backdrop seamlessly blends with any home decor and color palette. Transform this frame into a personalized symbol of your affection by incorporating your names, location, and a location image, infusing it with a touch of intimacy.

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