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Metallic Floral Wall Art

Metallic Floral Wall Art

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This stunning wall decor radiates an artistic and coastal essence, making it an ideal addition to elevate the visual appeal of your entryway, bedroom, or living room. Comprising eight meticulously crafted discs of varying sizes, each contributes to a captivating three-dimensional geometry, infusing depth and clarity into the piece. The decor's soft and refined tones effortlessly harmonize with any interior style, whether modern or warmly romantic, fostering a natural and inviting ambiance within your living space. Equipped with an eye hook on the back for effortless installation, this decor offers both aesthetic beauty and practicality.

Key Features:
- Beautiful modern design: Featuring eight securely connected circles of different sizes, forming an artistic abstract wall decoration set within an iron frame.
- Coastal style: Embellished with intricate details on each connected circle, evoking an artistic and coastal theme while enhancing the three-dimensional geometry of the piece.
- High-quality material: Handcrafted using durable iron metal material for lasting beauty and longevity.
- Classic distressed finish: The deliberate distressing of various finishes adds to the charm of this contemporary wall art, imparting a timeless appeal.
- Versatile display: This stunning wall sculpture can be easily showcased either horizontally or vertically to suit your space.
- Indoor display: Designed for indoor use, perfect for embellishing your bedroom, above the mantle or couch, or adorning your home's entrance.
- Easy installation: Equipped with three eye hooks attached to the back for convenient mounting, with mounting hardware included for added ease.

Purposeful Distressing:
- Coat/Paint Distressing: Deliberately rubbed or scraped off paint for a distressed aesthetic.

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