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Birthday Personalized Mug and Flower Arrangements

Birthday Personalized Mug and Flower Arrangements

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Express your unwavering support for your loved one in the most adorable manner imaginable. Brighten their day with this charmingly fresh floral display, guaranteed to bring a smile to their face. Elevate the uniqueness of this package by customizing the mug with your favorite picture, transforming it into a cherished keepsake.

  1. Mug Ceramic - White
  2. Flowers
  1. Mug Ceramic - White
    1. Size: 9cm X 8cm (h x d)
    2. Style: White Handle Mug
    3. Material: Ceramic
    4. Capacity: 300ml
  2. Flowers
    1. No. of Stems: 5
    2. Type of Flowers: As per image
    3. Colour of Flower: Assorted
  3. Country of Origin: India

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