7-piece Collage frame set

4,599.00 3,999.00

Product details

  • Photo frame type: collage frame
  • Max. Number of pictures: 7+
  • Image material: wood-based material
  • Orientation: Horizontal and Vertical


Overall size-56 cm H x 53 cm W x 3 cm D
Image size-10 x 15 cm; 13 x 18 cm; 10 cm x 10 cm; 7 x 11 cm
total weight-2 kg
Photo frame type
Collage frame-Max. Number of pictures7+
Mounting type-Wall frame
colour-Beige / grey / light blue
Image material-Wood material
Alignment-Horizontal and vertical
shape-Oval; Rectangular; Square
Type of image usage-Photos insertable


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